Fitting a Touratech Sump Guard or Bash Plate
I fitted an Aluminium Bash Plate from Touratech or as it might be named  "Nienenbashenneincrappensumpenplaten".

This is one classy piece of bling for the Tiger, beautifully made and very easy to fit.  The Tiger 1050 is a remarkable example of function and engineering
except for the bash plate which is like a piece of bolt on plastic designed by Hinckley Art College.  This accessory from Touratech is a real upgrade on the
original offering better ground clearance, better protection and much improved looks.

The Bash Plate also has a good safety feature.  If there are lots of loose chippings on the road I can clearly hear them being thrown against the Bash Plate by
the front tyre, even with earplugs fitted.  On my trips through France this feature is helpful as the French like to top dress their minor roads without warning.
The look and the fit of the Touratech Sump Plate is so much better than the
standard item.  It is also stronger and offers more ground clearance.
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