SW-Motech Crash-Bars - The first and most important accessory No 1#
A bit of an effort to fit.  But well worth the effort. You'll need a few unusual tools:

  1. A Torx 55 (To undo 4 engine mountings)
  2. A 16mm combi spanner (To get the old nuts off)
  3. A 18mm combi spanner (To get the new nuts on)
  4. Both 17mm and 19mm sockets
  5. A long extension, or 2 joined together to get to the inside front nuts from the opposite side of the bike and a mate
    to help you as this is not a one man job
6. A Torque Wrench set to 80 nm which is very tight.

TIP:  I spray painted the Bolt Heads, Spacers and Washers in Satin black the night before I fitted them.
SW-Motech Crash Bars:
They look really good on the Tiger. My shins did catch them at times but overall I was delighted with the crash bars.  
The only downside is that in an accident the engine covers on the ends on the crankshaft will still touch down as these
bars do not protect as well as the Thunderbike Bars on my old Tiger 955i.

STOP PRESS  As of 2011  www.Thunderbike.nz    now make the old style 955i crash-bars for the Tiger 1050,  Too
late for me unfortunately.
SW-Motech CrashBars - weight 7 kgs
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