Some Extras to make Tiger 1050 ownership even better
Tool Kit Holder
The standard plastic Triumph Tool wallet is useless. As a
replacement I bought a denim pencil case from a £1 shop.  
The standard Tiger tools are shown on the right and the
extra tools I carry are shown on the left.  i.e.a set of
Spanners, a set of Allen Keys and a set of Torx keys.
Triumph Tiger 1050 Handguards (2011) below
On my Tiger's 4th birthday I decided to fit some proper  
Triumph Handguards to replace the GS items I fitted
originally.  Needless to say the Triumph items fit very well
and the mountings are all stainless steel.  They do not
interfere with the leavers and they have a cleaner look to
A Fender Extender is essential to keep the muck
out of the oil cooler. From the sticker it appears that
the Triumph OEM item is made by Pyramid.
I bought some blue anodised adjustable leavers off eBay for £15 each,
CNC machined, beautifully made. The span has 6 settings making them more
adjustable than the standard levers and suit my shorter fingers
Note my new Progrip 801 handlebar grips
I wear reading glasses and I sometimes when riding I
De-Walt Safety Glasses Bifocal Readers.  I
bought them from the USA on eBay.  They are well
made, flexible and comfortable to wear inside a
helmet.  I ordered a second pair with clear lenses.  
The DeWalt's are worn by others I ride with and
come  recommended.
Probolt make some nice
anodised aluminium
replacement windshield bolts
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