Second set of Extras for the Tiger 1050
In 2007 I fitted a Lubetronic Chain Oiler to the Tiger 1050 together with the optional oil
flow control
.  This product is now renamed the PDOiler. I fitted a new replacement
2012 see
PDOiler Website
I made a carrier from aluminium strip and zip tied it to the frame, then I zip tied the oiler to
the carrier. My main delivery tube is bent from 3mm copper pipe and sprayed black.  I
run the delivery tube inside the front of the Chainguard, running along the top then out
at the rear all held in place away from the chain with tiny zip ties.  By running the pipe
along the top of the swinging arm I can use my Paddock Stand without fear of crushing
the pipes.  I use a Scottoiler tip at the back wheel.
I have since fitted a Skidmarx Hugger and I still use the same 3mm copper tube run
inside the hugger.  
My Lubetronic/PD Oiler  needs replacing every 4/5 years, I assume the solenoid packs
TIP:  To keep your Tiger clean either don't ride it, extend the chain guard or buy a
Hugger from Skidmarx.  This fits the Tiger well,  it extends
the chain guard and helps keep the back of the Tiger clean.  I
run my chain oiler inside the front part of the hugger then out
and down the swinging arm using 3mm brass tube joined
together with silicon tubing.
Castrol Chain Lube  I have started
using this product and I now disconnect
my Lubetronic most of the time.  I used
to hate chain lubes because the grease
soon flicked off and the chain ran dry.  
This latest Castrol product is so much
improved.  The lube is semi
transparent, spays on like water and
gets right inside the rollers, then it dries
and sticks like epoxy.  I rode 600 miles
including a track day and 2 heavy
showers on one application.
I use the chain oiler on longer trips.
How times have changed since I started
biking, I can remember boiling chains in
a Filtrate chain bath every 500 miles
which took 2 hours each weekend and
the chain needed adjustment after
every long ride.
At 20,000 my original chain was needing
adjustment after every ride so I fitted a

new Tsubaki X-Ring Gold chain and
sprocket kit.  
 The Triumph OEM item
was the best price but I wanted a Gold
chain which I ordered from B&C
Express.  I avoid Renthal alloy sprockets
preferring longer lasting steel versions.  
Don't be tempted to buy a cheap chain
from eBay unless you are selling on
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