I wanted heated grips but I prefer to avoid the thick, shinny grips you normally get.  Therefore I purchased a Symtec
Heated Grip kit
.  Symtec supply 2 heating elements in thin mylar which adhere to the handlebars.  I then fitted a set of
ProGrip 801 Race Grips over the top (See link to Winding Roads). This gives me the best of both worlds.  The end
result is a Heated Grip which is thinner than a standard unheated Triumph Tiger grip.  After 5 years still working well.

TIP:   I fix all my grips with double sided Golf Grip Tape, wrap it round the bars, peel off the backing and use lighter fuel
as the lubricant, slide the new grip on and leave overnight to set.  Easy to apply and relatively easy to remove once you
have cut the old grip off.    I fitted the switch for the heated grips to a home made bracket left of the Speedo.
Third set of Extra's for the Tiger 1050
The handle on the Triumph Tail Pack rubs against the
painted finish on the Tail Piece and leaves a mark.  So I
stuck a piece of clear Fablon on the tail then I put a
Triumph sticker on top of the Fablon.  I think every Tiger
should have a Triumph Sticker here.

TIP: This sticker came from a Sticker Sheet which used to
be a genuine Triumph Accessory - Part No M9110002
The standard Tiger seat is comfortable for about 150
miles then is starts to hurt, so for long motorway trips I
add a
Sheepskin 'Pet Blanket' which I bought on eBay
for £10.  
TIP: I cut the Sheepskin to size and hold it in place with
a large elastic band at the front which goes round the
seat.  This allows me to stand on the pegs without
losing the Sheepskin.  My sheepskin is named "Sean"
after Wallace & Grommit.  Whats yours called?
I fit a Medium size Cargo Net from Oxford Products to
the pillion seat.  I discard the metal hooks and  attach
it to the fabric loops you can find under the standard
seat with 4 small zip ties.  
The Cargo net is perfect for stowing oversuits, spare
gloves, cans of drink, sandwiches etc.  Ideal for quick
access during a long day in the saddle.  I have to
replace mine every year as the elastic stretches with
use.  The cost is £6..  My Triumph Tail Pack can be
fitted on top if required.
I get some vibration through the handlebars.  I think it
is caused by either the Motrax Crash Bars or the
Hand Guards.  To counteract the vibration I have fitted  
bar end weights from a Suzuki GSXR 1000 machined
TIP:  You really need a lathe to trim the GSXR weights
to shorten the boss that fits inside the handlebar.

Left Suzuki 190grams       Right Triumph 114 grams
If you would like to contact me please email - webmaster@adrianmolloy.com