Fourth set of Extra's - Music on the move
Sometimes I want to listen to a radio on the
move so I use a
Sony Radio SRF-M37L.  The
Sony is surprisingly water resistant.   Battery life
is an amazing 20 hours from one AAA battery.  
To my knowledge no one supplies an RDS
equipped radio suitable for a bike except Honda
who have a part for the Pan European at £500+.  
I attach the little Sony to the fuel cap with Velcro
and tune in the main BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2
presets (In the UK every 30 miles the channel
frequency changes on FM)
When riding my Tiger I prefer to listen to music on the move, same as when driving a car.  I find that it helps me
concentrate.  I usually play MP3's through my Satnav.
Problem - most SatNavs no longer have a
3.5mm jack socket and very few play MP3's.
Rockstar device allows you to listen to up
to 3 sound sources at the same time with up to
3 sets of headphones listening in.  Only £12
from Amazon and it works.  The Rockstar
comes with 2 green leads with a 3.5mm plug at
each end.  I can play my SatNav and Zen MP3
simultaneously through this.
Since I wrote this Bluetooth has replaced the
need to hardwire different sources
My Wunderlich Evo
Handlebar bag
space for the MP3,
Camera, phone, wallet,
MP3 etc.  It even has an
organiser built in to the lid.  
I got mine from
Balderston's the BMW
dealer in Peterborough.  
Not waterproof.
A Dry Bag from Amazon is great for ensuring that  
Cameras, MP3's etc stay dry on a long trip.  This bag
3.5mm socket on the outside.
Audi Technica Noise cancelling headphones
are just amazing.  I have recently bought these
ANC23 units priced around £50.  A stunning
headphone in it's own right, even better when
used on a bike, in a plane or on a train.
On long bike trips it is hard to keep Mobile Phones and MP3
players charged so I bought a Technet Dual Port EP380
5000ma battery extender.  I can charge it while I ride from a mini
USB lead.  Off the bike It will recharge my Galaxy S2 phone and
my MP3 simultaneously.  It has enough juice to recharge my
phone twice from flat. Many other uses.
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