Fifth set of Extras for the Tiger 1050 - Acumen Gear Indicator
Acumen Gear Indicator
I used to have a gear indicator on my old GT500 and GT380 Suzuki's.  With 6 gears on the Tiger 955i it is easy to cruise for miles in 5th instead of 6th.  
Likewise the Tiger pulls so well from 40mph in top I often try to change up into an imaginary 7th.  If I rode all day every day it would not be a problem but
I can sometimes go weeks without riding the bike.  Therefore I bought an
Acumen Gear Indicator through Demon Tweaks.  The fitting instructions
are good but there are no pictures.  To fit you need to remove the Front Fairing and the Tank.

TIP:  This is a job for the brave, especially on a new bike.  You have to connect 3 wires to the Speedo, Rev Counter
and Neutral Light.  The instructions tell you to make the joins at the "Black" ECU plug in front of the battery.  I opted to
connect the 2 wires for 12v Live and the Earth at the cockpit end.  

TIP:  I found it really hard to identify the Pink/Yellow wire.  I also had a Yellow/Pink and a Yellow/Red to confuse me.  
You need good daylight, a magnifying glass and confidence to make the right choice.
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