Fifth set of Extra's for the Tiger 1050 Electrics and Lights
Strip of LED Driving Lights (Under fairing), LED Spot Lights and LED side light bulbs
I bought a pair of LED strip lights from eBay and I have attached one strip under fairing with silicon seal.  The lights are
wired to come on with the ignition.  I've done this to increase visibility and safety.  Last year I discovered that my dipped
beam bulb had failed.  As I rarely drive at night I have no idea how long I had ridden to London and back without lights!
The LED side light bulbs are also from eBay, they come with 9 tiny LED's clustered together and give off a very bright
white light compared with the standard tungsten bulbs.  All the LED's make my dipped beam look tired and yellow.
The LED spot lamps are from 2Allbuyer on eBay.  They supply sets with 3 or 4 LED's (Each of the 3 LED's is a actually a
cluster of light sources), it seems appropriate to go for the 3 LED's on a 3 Cylinder Tiger.  I fitted the brackets to my
crashbars and I have a switch on the handlebars.  I have used them at night in conjunction with main beam and the light
is so white.  I don't think you can use them all day every day as the light would probably annoy other motorists.
I have purchased a 4 way automotive Fuse box and a 6 way Fuse Box that take mini fuses (Same
fuses as the Tiger 1050).

I fitted the 4 way Fuse Box under the cross member behind the battery.  I have wired in the my
Chain Oiler, Klan Heated Jacket and a Red Wire to supply 12v to my fuse box at the front of the bike
I fitted the 6 way Fuse Box behind the front fairing.  I have wired in my GPS Charger, Gear
Indicator, Driving Light, Spot Lights, Heated Grips and Front 12v Socket each with it's own fuse.  I
also use a strip of screw connectors to earth everything to an earth wire attached to the lower
fairing mount bolt in front of the headstock
I fitted a Triumph 12v auxiliary power socket.  With
the Tank removed I found the 12v connecting plug  
taped up near the lefthand injector.  I removed the
tape then simply plugged the power socket into the
connector and bolted it to the lower mounting hole
on the frame because my Crashbars obstruct the
top mounting
I have bought some
Osram Night Breaker
Plus bulbs
for Dipped
Beam.  They are a
Best buy according to
Auto Express.
My dipped beam bulb
mounting is a bit
lose  so I fitted some
foam tape to the back
of the cover to press
the bulb forward and
stop it wobbling
The 6 way front fuse box and earth connector
strip.  It looks a mess but everything in
labelled and wrapped in bubble wrap before
the fairing went back on
The 4 way rear fuse box mounted upside
down behind the battery under the seat..
Power comes from the solenoid and is
live when the ignition is on.
I have fitted a 12v
socket (with lid) just
to the right of my
dipped beam
cover.  This allows
me to charge
anything on the
move Phone,
Camera, MP3  etc
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