Givi Screen (D225ST) for the Tiger 1050
I used to own a Givi Screen - D225ST for my Tiger 1050.
Was it an improvement?  Hmmmm, hard to say, screens are such a compromise at the best of times.  The Givi was
much taller so I had less wind pressure but it created more turbulence. The Givi kept most of the bugs off my Visor.
On the downside - The Givi screen was thin, it wobbled and it blurred the field of view in places.  The larger Givi
Screen  made the Tiger look and feel much more like a tourer.  I found it made me ride slower in the twisty sections.
On the plus side - I could cruise at 80+ with very little effort,  there was some turbulence and wind noise.  I once covered
560 miles in one day in reasonable comfort .

Would I recommended the Givi?    I've replaced it with a Touratech Windscreen Deflector because overall I did not enjoy
riding the Tiger as much with the Givi screen.  If you tour a moderate speeds the Givi might suit you well..
Givi Screen vs Stock
These 3 photos show just how large
the Givi screen is compared with the
stock Tiger 1050 Screen.

The Givi was just a little too wide for my
Handguards so I had to trim the screen.
I had to trim this
amount off the bottom
corners to allow the
bars to turn full lock with
my GS Handguards in
place.  The modified
screen blended in
better with the shape of
the Tiger fairing.

TIP:  Perspex is hard to
cut but easy to grind so
I peeled back the black
rubber trim, used an
angle grinder  to cut the
screen and superglued
the trim back in place.
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If you would like to contact me please email -