I needed some secure luggage for my Tiger to take my laptop to work and for when I go touring.  I hate wide pannier setups,
I also hate adding excessive weight, so I wanted something narrow and light weight.  My aim was to have the centre of
gravity in front of the rear axle and reasonably low.  I also wanted a unique solution to make my Tiger stand out.

My choice is a set of
 Krauser Skyline Panniers.  The panniers are small in size at 21 Litres,  their regular rectangular shape
and top opening enable a rucksack with a laptop to be safely carried inside.  At the widest point the width of the panniers is
34", the same as my stock handlebars.  To fit I first replaced the standard exhaust with a
Remus Power Cone this allowed
me to reduce the width on the r/h side and keep the look symmetrical.  I then fabricated my own brackets from 30mm x 5mm
steel (Inch by quarter in imperial).  Total weight is 5 kgs for the panniers and 2.25 kgs for the brackets.  Not bad..  

Replacing the Exhaust and adding the Panniers = Same weight as stock Tiger.

The Skyline Panniers give the appearance of being leather but are in fact waterproof Plastic.  Off the bike they look like
"Quality" luggage.  I think they look great, so does everyone who has seen them, even die hard BMW GS riders like the look.  
The latest Krauser K-Wing mounting system is well designed.  There is no need for inner bags as they are easy to
demount.  I bought the Skyline's from eBay.de  (Germany) as no one seems to stock them in the UK.
Krauser Skyline Panniers fitted to the Tiger 1050 plus other luggage options
Triumph Tiger 1050 Tail Pack
A great bit of kit.  The Tail Pack does not effect
the handling.  However it prevents me
swinging my leg over the saddle.
TIP:  The Tail Pack carry handle will mark the
finish on the tailpiece so you must fix some
clear film on to the Tailpiece under the
handle. (See Extras 3).
For my long trip to Turkey I  purchased a 60 litre
waterproof Tote bag from SW-Motech
.  The bag
has good mounting points, comes with straps  and
it is expandable.  I inserted 3 pillows to fill it for the
photo. I prefer to avoid using a top box because I
travel solo and the handling is much better with the
weight on the seat rather than hanging over the tail
My Wunderlich Evo Handlebar bag offers space for
the MP3, Camera, phone, wallet, MP3 etc and it
has an organiser inside the cover flap. Not
For long tours I fit 5Litre waterproof Krieger bags
to my crashbars.  Good for drinks, tools, gloves,
food etc.  
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