Step 1 - Run-in the Tiger then have the "Off-Road" tune installed on the ECU, my Triumph dealer charged £45.  The result is smoother running and
perfect fuelling.  I also noticed that the fuel economy improved dramatically.  I can cruise at 80 mph and get 55-57 mpg (UK).  At a steady 70 the mileage is
often over 60 mpg.  A 2,000 rev roll on in top gear shows a perfect linear delivery as it rips up to and past 120.  I assume the inefficiencies inherent in the
eco friendly standard tune burns more fuel in an effort to produce cleaner exhaust gases.  Thank you California who have convinced the world  that a big
block motor with a Cat giving 18 mpg is cleaner than a 1 Litre motor without a Cat giving 50 mpg.
Tiger 1050 Tuning 1 - Summary and Exhaust options
Comparing Tiger 1050 exhausts
One weighs 7 Kgs and looks like a shinny Dustbin, the
other is a Remus Powercone Silencer at 2.25 kgs
Step 2 - Fit a Remus Power Cone Silencer.  I ordered mine from Demon Tweaks in the UK.  It is supplied with a short connecting bend and a bracket
for the Tiger 1050.  The Remus fits so easily I had finished within the hour including having to remove the seat cowl.  The Remus is not too loud.  With the
baffle it has been measured at 97 db.  I love the rasp it gives to the exhaust and my Tiger sounds great under hard acceleration.  Above 70 mph it does
not intrude and all I can hear is wind noise.  At one track day another Triumph with a Remus and no baffle made 99 db on the same noise meter, not bad.
A very neat, unobtrusive set-up.  Fitting
a Remus Power Cone would be a good
option if you take a pillion as the
standard exhaust can get very hot up
near the edge of the pillion seat.  See
my link to an excellent Italian site which
shows pictures of many different systems
fitted to the Tiger 1050.  My other
favourite is the Zard silencer.  Zard also
supply a complete system with down
pipes so do Arrow.
In April 2012 I arranged to have my Tiger 1050 tested on the same Hardcore Racing Dyno I used for my Tiger 955i, my bike had covered
26,000 miles.  The result was 129.4 bhp (95.1 kw) with near perfect fueling.  My Remus silencer still had the baffle in place.  To achieve this
figure the changes I have made are
  • Have the Triumph Off Road tune installed
  • Fit a Remus silencer
  • Modify the airbox
  • Remove the Catalytic converter from the exhaust pipe
An increase of 15 bhp over stock is not bad !  On the road and on the track my Tiger feels better than when it was new.  
For this dyno test we just put the Tiger in 6th gear and had 3 runs up to the rev limiter.  I did not bother removing the tank to connect to the
ignition coils so RPM was not recorded.  The power graph show a continuous increase in power right up to the rev limiter.  The fuelling is a
little rich at the bottom end.  This could be leaned off for more power but it would make the engine more harsh and I need a smooth power
curve for road use.
See Dyno output below, BHP on left and fueling on right
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