Problem: - The standard Tiger 1050 has a twin inlet pipe entering the Airbox with the R/H end banked off.  The one hole on the lefthand side is 40mm, this
is feeding 3 x 46mm throttle bodies!   Even worse, this one 40mm hole is tucked up against a frame member.  So when you whack the throttle open at low
speeds asphyxiation takes over.  My old Africa Twin was much the same.  However because Big Traillie's have the same aerodynamics as a Basking Shark,
at speed you get a Ram effect.  Therefore my guess is that the Airbox entry can be made small and inefficient to meet stringent noise regulations.   I have
read that the 1050 Speed Triple uses both inlets and it makes more power than the Tiger.
Tiger 1050 Tuning 2 - Airbox
Step 2: - Fit a K&N Airfilter.
I  fitted the K&N to the
standard Airbox together with the Remus
exhaust  and Triumph Off Road tune.  To be
honest I don't think the K&N makes much
difference on it's own.
However with a modified  Airbox I am
confident that the K&N provides a worthwhile
performance gain.
Step 1: - Remove the Tank and airbox lid .  
remove the rubber Airbox entry
pipe and cut out the blanked off end
a modelling knife (See picture on right).  Refit
the pipe and reassemble the Airbox.
Do the modifications work?  After the modifications when you run the Tiger at a standstill and blip the throttle the engine revs more freely.  On the road
here should be more induction noise but I can't say I have noticed.  The Air Mass sensor, Lambda probe and ECU (With Triumph Off Road Tune installed)  All
combine to ensure the modified engine continues to run sweetly.

I ride 150 miles a day to work so I have good terms of reference.  With the Airbox modified the Tiger picks up quicker from say 40-50mph behind a car in 6th
gear.  Initial acceleration is noticeably more eager.  My Tiger will immediately pull 30 feet or 10 metres ahead of a standard bike.  Most of the gain is in the
first few seconds.  I am pleased with these modifications so far.
Step 3: - Cut the mid section out
of the entry pipe.
When I performed the 18,000 mile service I decided
to cut out the mid section of the airbox entry pipe.  
(See the photo on the left).  The Tiger feels friskier
and runs well.  I also  fitted new NGK Iridium plugs
and cleaned the K&N Airfilter.  New plugs always
make a bike run better.
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