Warning, you must,must,must have the  "Triumph Off-Road" tune installed on the ECU before removing the Cat.  In the
UK they do not use an exhaust gas analyser during the annual MOT, if they did I would have kept the Catalytic Converter.
Tiger 1050 Tuning 3 - Removing the Catalytic Converter
The Cat is easy to access with
the silencer and link pipe
removed.  The only specialist
tool I needed  was a 400mm
long 10mm HSS drill
purchased from eBay.
With standard Catalytic Converter, a
bit like stuffing a sock in you mouth
then going for a run.
With Catalytic Converter removed -
See Tigers do have Tonsils
With holes drilled
I found a video on You Tube explaining how to remove the Catalytic converter from the Tiger.  The Cat sits under the
gearbox.  I left the pipes in place and I did not even remove the Lambda probe.  Click on the link below:
Link to Markjrobbins' excellent Tiger Cat Removal Video
First I used the long 10mm drill to make a series of holes in the CAT.  Even though the CAT is made of honeycomb metal
it is tough to drill and the drill tipl will get very hot so it needs regular quenching in water.   After the holes were drilled I
used a long screwdriver which I ground to a sharp blade as a chisel to break up the remaining material.  I kept starting
and revving the bike to eject the waste followed by more drilling and bashing.  Once you have removed one large piece it
gets easier but it is difficult to break off the first large piece.  I ran my Tiger with no silencer with the cat removed and it is
not that noisy,  With an open pipe it is not as loud as my sons Ducati 749 with Termignoni silencers!  With the silencer
back on I feel the Tiger is a bit louder but not enough to turn heads in a built up area.  At a steady 80 I can just hear a
slight increase in noise.   One week later I rode Brands Hatch for the 3rd year in a row, they measured my exhaust at
98db at 5,500 revs.  Hard to believe that the noise level is raised by only 1db from previous years even though my Tiger
has a big hole where the catalytic converter used to be.  I'm not complaining.

So what difference does it make?  Well I don’t need a Dyno run to feel the increase in power, from 4,000 revs the bike
pulls stronger, it is still perfect around town and I can accelerate from 2000 revs in 6th. The Tiger is now very eager so I  
need to slip the clutch more on mini roundabout's and around town because the pickup is instant.  If I give the Tiger full
throttle in third the front wheel will lift which never happened before.

At Brands Hatch the 1 litre Fireblade's, R1's and GSXR's are still  quicker on the straights.  My Tiger will stay with them in
2nd, 3rd and half way though 4th, as the Tiger just starts losing acceleration they just keep going.  I was definitely more
able to hang with them this year.

I love this modification. What more can I say.  Thanks to MarkJRobbins
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