I strongly recommend you have the "Triumph Off-Road" tune or "TOR" as it is known installed on the ECU.  My Triumph dealer charged £45 at the 600
mile service.  The result is smoother running and perfect fuelling.  I also noticed that the fuel economy improved dramatically. I was commuting 150 miles per
day in heavy traffic and my consumption definitely improved.  Most of the Tiger Forums state the opposite, I think too many people give uninformed
comments because they want to up the number of posts they make to improve their rank.  On All bikes the fuelling is leaned out at 4,000 revs to pass strict
emission tests.  The TOR map is an optimum fuel map with no unnecessary leaning out.  It is named the Off Road tune because it is probably not legal on
the road, however it does save fuel and in my mind this must be more green.  In the UK we do not have an emission test as part of the annual MOT.  If we did
maybe the Tiger would fail, somehow I doubt it.
Tiger 1050 Tuning 4 - ECU
The following article was published in Motor cycle News 24 August 2011  -  Very interesting reading!

Question:- The throttle action on my triumph can be very jerky.......etc

Answer:- "The throttle action on Triumph's some times needs damping down below 2,500 rpm if overly sensitive.  You can get your bike to run an "Adaption
Cycle" that tweaks the map to suit your bike's individual characteristics. To get the engine management into this mode go out for a ride long enough to get
the bike up to working temperature.. Then simply leave the bike running on it's sidestand.  If you do not touch any controls and leave it ticking over for 12
minutes the ECU should self adjust the map so that the throttle response is much improved. This adaption cycle function is available on Tiger 1050, Tiger
800, Rocket IIIs, 675s, and Daytona 600 and 650 machines."

Having read this I have to ask myself if I have ever left my Tiger ticking over for 12 minutes.  Well sometimes I let it run a long time after a clean or to warm it
up during winter storage.  If I am talking to a neighbour or I take a phone call I could easily have let it run for over 12 minutes.  I also have to stop at a
particular level crossing near me and have to wait for up to 5 trains.  If it is dark I leave the Tiger running to keep the lights on.  So to conclude I may have
invoked this cycle inadvertently.  All I can say is if your Tiger does not throttle smoothly give it a try.   I remember when my Tiger 1050 was brand new it was a
little jerky on the ride home but it settled down after a few hundred miles.  The Triumph Triple engines are renown for being smooth and torquey so don't
accept anything less.

Stop Press:
Since writing this piece in 2012 I have had many emails from Tiger riders who tried letting their bike tick over for 12 minutes.  All of them
reported a big improvement in low speed throttle control.  One even reported that as well as improving the throttle this fixed his fuel gauge
which had stopped working.  Give it a try.
I receive more emails about the ECU and the Tunes available than any other subject.  Some Tiger owners seem to have problems with a jerky, snatchy
delivery at small throttle openings.  Not me.  If you want to know my views please read below.  
My modified Tiger 1050  made 129.4 bhp on a dyno.
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