5" Chinese SatNav + Audio Technica ANC3 and ANC23 Noise Cancelling Headphones
Audio Technica ANC23 Noise Cancelling Earphones - Eureka, I bought
these earphones after reading reviews on Amazon although no one else
had tried them in a motorcycle helmet, they are brilliant.  The speakers
look a little bulky but they are shaped to fit into the outer ear and fire
slightly forwards so the end result is a larger speaker that fits flush to the
ear.   There is a tiny microphone in each earpiece, it measures external
noise and the electronics send the opposite signal to the speakers to
neutralise the sound.  I am now able to listen to my music with much
more clarity
at 80% of the previous volume level because they remove so
much background noise.
The earphones fit easily inside my motorcycle helmet  and the results
are stunning, just incredible noise reduction.  I have also fitted Comfy T-
400 soft foam tips.  These cut out more noise than the standard rubber
grommets and the foam clings to the inside of my ear better so the ANC3’
s never feel like falling out.  Overall an excellent product,
TIPS: One AAA battery is said to last 30 hours.  I use a 2m coiled
extension lead to connect to the SatNav,
Since Oct 2011  I have switched to a 5" Chinese GPS bought from GoMallGo on eBay. I fabricated a new GPS bracket
from perspex which is bolted to the screen and the cockpit fairing. This places the GPS above the instruments and
nearer to my line of site, it also shields it from the elements.  The GPS is held on with 2 thin strips of  velcro.  This GPS
holds the software and music on an SD card, I ordered the 8GB version and they sent me one with a 16GB SD card,
Nice!.  The GPS is not waterproof but I have adapted a clear plastic box from Tesco to act as a rain cover on a wet day.
GPS is my favourite modern bike accessory and I would not like to ride far without it.  I rely on my GPS for speed camera
alerts.  As Top Gear state these speed cameras are cash machines for the government nothing to do with road safety.
When it is raining really hard my £63  GPS
fits inside a cheap plastic box £1.27p from
Tesco.  Alternatively I could pay £550 for a
waterproof TomTom Rider or Garmin Zumo.
I can't see much but the voice directions can
still be heard and my MP3's can still be
Audi Technica Noise cancelling headphones
are just amazing.  I have recently bought these
ANC23 units priced around £50.  Someone
stole my ANC3's.  These are the cheaper and
possibly a better replacement but you do not
get a hard case with them.
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