Tiger 1050 - Tail Tidy or Fender Eliminator
Tidying up the look of the tail on a Tiger 1050 after fitting an aftermarket low slung exhaust
When you fit an aftermarket exhaust like my Remus Powercone the standard numberplate holder looks horrible dangling
down too low.  A couple of years ago another unnamed Tiger owner posted this mod on the WWW and I have copied his
idea.   Take a close look at the mud guard / number plate holder it has outer and inner plastics.  It is possible to cut and
shorten the outer and bolt it back on to a shortened inner.  This mod took a couple of hours and I was able to leave the
seat /tail unit in place.   I will not be able to re fit the standard exhaust unless I relocate the indicators.  Why would I want to

Step 1.. Take off the number plate and keep the screws and retaining clips as you'll use them again.
Step 2.  Cut the outer plastic horizontally just above the numberplate light, then cut round the sides horizontally.  Be very
careful just to cut the outer, do not cut the inner plastic as you need it to support the plate holder and indicators when you
put the whole thing back together.  Also be careful not to cut through the wires!  I used an air powered angle grinder.
Step 3.  Cut the outer plastic horizontally just below the reflector then cut the outer sides vertically down.
Step 4.  Position the indicator, number plate unit up tight against the red reflector.  Mark out where the holes will need to
be drilled for the 2 lower mounting screws.  Drill the holes in the inner plastic then shorten it leaving enough material for
the retaining clips.  I drilled one extra hole dead centre between the indicators and fitted an extra 6mm x 30mm bolt to give
3 mounting points.
Step 5.  Bolt it up, the wires do not need shortening and fix the number plate.  When I was happy I filled the voids up near
the reflector with black silicon and let it set for 48 hours.  This stops water getting in and tidies up the look.
Carefully cut this bit of the outer off first
Material cut from outer above and lower inner below
Pic showing the inner shortened and trimmed with
the lower retaining clips in their new location.
Pic below showing the shortened outer fitted to the
shortened inner with a new 6mm bolt in the centre.
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