I owned my Triumph tiger for 5 years July  2007 to October 2012  and rode over 32,000 miles so I thought I would summarise my experience of ownership. The standard Tiger 1050
has a very good blend of performance, handling and brakes.  I still think my bike was fantastic and it made me smile every time I rode it.  T
here is no real need to modify the Tiger
1050, however we bikers like to play with our toys and we can improve on the Tiger to suit our preference.

1. If I bought another Tiger 1050 and I could only make one modification I would definitely have the Triumph Off Road Tune (TOR) installed on the ECU by my Triumph dealer..  Even
riders who have the Triumph "Arrow Exhaust" tune say the TOR tune is a real improvement.  Cost is only £40 and it removes the eco friendly flat spots.
2.  I would then perform my airbox mod which is free.  If you want to spend some money you could fit a K&N air filter at the same time but it is not essential.
3. Next I would install whatever aftermarket silencer takes your fancy.  I like the Remus which is small, neat and very well made.  The standard exhaust is too big and looks odd on the
bike because it has to meet all the Eco rules.  See my link to a great Italian site to view many of the options available.
. Remove the CAT, but only if you really feel confident enough to try it.  It's free and only adds 1db to the noise.  (Check first that you do not need a CAT to pass an exhaust analyser
test in your country).
5. When the supplied tyres wear out take time to buy the right replacements for you.  In my case Dunlop Roadsmart II.

Major Modifications
1. Fit whatever luggage suits your preference, Having had slim panniers I never use a large top box again, I love the way that the low centre of gravity using panniers does not detract
from the handling.
2. Next sort the screen to suit your preference  (The standard screen is really a windbreak for the chest and as such works well).
3. Sort the suspension to suit your preference  (I was happy with mine for 20,000 miles by which time the shock had gone a little soft and the forks seals were weeping).  Get the rear
shock rebuilt by a suspension specialist .
4. If you fit a shorter silencer tidy up the rear mudguard to improve the overall look, see my modification (it's free)

Bolt-on Goodies
In terms of bolt on goodies my personal preference would be to fit:-
  • Windscreen deflector
  • Motrax crash bars
  • Pet rug for long trips
  • GPS
  • Chain oiling system (For long tours, especially in the wet, not needed for weekend riding)
  • Gear Indicator
  • Crash bungs
  • Handguards
  • Sump Guard
  • Triumph tail pack
  • Levers
  • Centre Stand

If you simply buy a standard Tiger 1050 and install the TOR you will own an outstanding motorcycle.

Summary of favourite modifications for the Tiger 1050
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Standard Tiger 1050
My Tiger 1050