Track                                               Rating
Cadwell Park
2007 (955i)              8/10
Rockingham Nat  May 2008           9/10
Rockingham Nat  May 2009           9/10
Snetterton June 2009                     5/10
Donnington GP June 2009           10/10
Brands Hatch Indy June 2009     10/10
Rockingham Int May 2010              9/10
Brands Hatch Indy June 2010     10/10
Brands Hatch Indy July 2011       10/10
Snetterton April 2012 (Very Wet)   4/10
Rockingham Int Aug 2012              9/10

I have ridden several tracks on my Tiger 1050.   
The Tiger is surprisingly competitive and I am
now able to scrape the footpegs on both
sides.  I  recommend my Dunlop Roadsmart
Tyres, fantastic rubber.  In corners I can keep
up with riders sliding their knees on the track.

Rockingham National is a wonderful circuit.  
The old Donnington Park GP circuit was even
better, very technical and it took a long time to
dial in a perfect lap.  Brands Hatch Indy circuit
is also superb.  

There is something immensely satisfying
catching up with a Ducati 1098 then taking him
round the outside on a Tiger.  It makes up for
being blown away by race prepared bikes on
slicks with tyre warmers.

I really enjoyed taking the Tiger 1050 to race
Tiger 1050 Track Days
On a track day with my Dunlop Roadsmart 1
tyres it was possible to corner hard enough
to heat up the edge of the tyre and cause it to
ball up, even with me riding!
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