Tyre options I have tried on my Tiger 1050
Michelin Pilot Roads
My Tiger 1050  was delivered new with a pair of Michelin Pilot Roads.  The profile is rounder than the BT 020's which I preferred on my 955i.  The Pilot's
suited the 1050 Tiger well and with the wider profile gave much more grip on the new Tiger. They even coped with the Scottish monsoon season.  The
picture below left shows the rear tyre at 6,400 miles after I had ridden back from my first Trackday.  The wear rate is excellent considering how much stick I
had given them.  The centre of the rear was very flat but the front tyre had none of the cupping I experienced from Metzeler Tourance's at the same
mileage on my 955i.  
In 2008 a group test in Bike Magazine rated the
Dunlop Roadsmart 3TC tyres the best sport/tourer
tyre.  They were MCN's product of the year.  So I
bought a pair.  

TIP: The Dunlop Roadsmart's were covered in release
agent and very slippery at first.  I nearly high sided
pulling out of my road.  After a few gentle corners they
settled in OK.  

I was expecting a real difference going from a
squared-off tyre to a new one but the Tiger 1050 felt
exactly the same.  On my 955i the difference with new
tyres was like night and day.  Strange the 1050 does
not respond the same way!

Update: These Dunlop Roadsmart's are the best tyres
I have owned and I have fitted a 3 sets to my Tiger
1050.   They last 6,000 miles, great for commuting,
touring and track days.  Very high level of grip and
good wear in the centre of the tread. Quite good in the
wet but I tend to be careful anyway. Give them a try,
you will not be disappointed.  The cost has risen from
£160 a pair in 2008 to £260 a pair in 2011.
2012 and I ordered a 4th set of Roadsmart's, this time
Roadsmart II's for my trip to Turkey. The tyres lasted
6,000 the mile trip plus a Trackday after I returned.  At
7,000 miles when I sold my 1050 they were still legal
with plenty of tread.  Superb
I switched to Dunlop Roadsmart 3TC and I am convinced that these are the best tyres for the Tiger 1050.   Being dual compound the wear rate on
motorways is good and the edges can be made extra grippy.  Compare  the melted edges of my Dunlops (right) after a track day with the Pilot roads (left)
after a track day.  Both sets of tyres give me over 6,000 road miles.
Michelin Pilot Roads
Dunlop Roadsmart 3TC
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