Fitting a modified Touratech Windscreen Deflector
I fitted a Touratech Windscreen Deflector to the standard Tiger Screen.  The initial findings were not perfect but the
Windscreen Deflector can be mounted or dismounted in seconds.  It provides as much protection as my Givi touring screen
ever did and it does a reasonable job of stopping bugs hitting my visor.
I have used this set-up for 15,000 miles. Why is life never easy?  
I had to  modify  the original Touratech  aluminium mounting by
drilling two new pivot holes and grinding away some of the alloy
to enable me to mount the deflector more upright, as supplied it
was raked back too much, probably because it was designed to
fit an upright BMW screen not a sloping screen like the Tiger.

I then found that with the standard Deflector shield some bugs
still got through to my visor.  So I bought an A4 sheet of Perspex
off eBay for £3.00 to make a larger deflector and fitted it to my
Tiger.  I think this is the perfect compromise for me.  Most bugs
now miss my visor, I get some buffeting but  no direct wind

I could unmount the deflector in 30 seconds and refit it in 60
seconds.  This allowed me to ride on the motorway in relative
bug free calm and when the road becomes twisty, or the
temperature gets hot, I could go back to the stock screen.  
Having used the deflector I sold my Givi touring screen.
(If you are over 6'" I suggest you keep looking elsewhere as my
larger deflector might not be tall enough)

This is now one of my favourite modifications.  I took the
deflector screen off the other day and forgot.  On my 150 mile
run to work I thought  blimey there must be a headwind today.  
Then my visor filled with bugs and it reminded me just how
good the deflector is.
Above left is the original Touratech Deflector.

Below my new larger deflector.
My new larger home made Perspex deflector
compared with the original.
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