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My Triumph Tiger 1050 - Bought new July 2007 and sold Oct 2012
I had owned over 60 bikes and my Triumph Tiger 1050 was my 3rd new road bike and the best until I bought my new Tiger  
Explorer.  A great engine, torquey, super smooth, bags of triple character and fast.  I could commute, tour, ride track days
and venture off road all on one machine. The upright riding position combined with a comfy seat and 50+ mpg gave a 190
mile range to provide long distance riding.  Much sportier than my previous Tiger 955i.   I bought my Tiger new from Ling's
of Ipswich in July 2007.  They offered me a great price to trade-in my Tiger 955i.  I owned my Tiger 1050 5 years and rode
over 32,000 miles with no faults to report.  All cleaned and polished my Tiger still looked like new.
Accessories like the Crash-bars, Handguards, Krauser Panniers and Remus silencer absolutely transformed the look of
my bike.  I think the effect was stunning, but then I'm biased.  The only downside is the cadmium plated oil pipes on the
front of the engine which looked shabby.
The Tiger 1050
really can be ridden
off road. I have
ridden all over
Europe and
Anatolia on
unsurfaced roads
3 pictures of my Tiger 1050 without panniers, pannier frames only and ready to tour
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