In June 2012 I returned from a fantastic trip to Turkey and back on my Tiger 1050,  I rode out with my friend Mark on his
GS1200 Adventure and I rode back on my own.  Outbound we rode through England, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia,
Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey. 2,400 miles including the alps and the Grossglockner pass.

return trip from Turkey started with a ferry to Kos, ferry to Greece, ferry to Italy, ferry to Corsica (and back to Italy),
Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and England. Taking in Olympia, Pompeii, the Amalfi coast, Corsican
Mountains, Lake Garda, the Dolomites and many alpine passes in including the Stelvio.  On my way through Greece I
also met my new friend named Trifonas who lives near Dimitsana in southern Greece, He rides a Tiger and through
these pages he offered to meet up with me and ride through the Greek Mountains together. I stayed at his place and had
a superb time White Water Rafting   
Link to White Water Rafting in Greece

A full writeup will follow. Actual routes taken are recorded below
Tiger 1050 on Tour 2012
My Tiger 1200 performed faultlessly, Triumph owners would expect nothing less.
Crossing the Causeway to Shell Island in NW Wales on my 1050.  The tide was in and only 4 of us were brave enough to attempt
it.  Mark's GS 1200 Adventure conked out in the middle due to water getting into the wiring.  The AA got it going a few hours later.
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